Meal Replacement Shakes and Waiting for My Brain to Know My Stomach is Full Helps Me Lose Weight

Through the fall and into winter my pants started to get tighter and tighter. I could really notice it sitting down. I was not eating any more than I usually do, but my activity level was a whole lot less. I actually had to get in my closet and get out a pants size that was one larger to feel comfortable. That was very disappointing to me as I had worked hard to lose a great deal of weight. I checked online for the best meal replacement shakes to help me get back to my smaller pants size and keep on going with my weight loss goal.

It is not easy today to lose weight. Calories are everywhere. Even those so-called zero calorie things have a few calories. Even a couple of hard candies to wake you up while sitting at a computer all day can add 100 calories or more to your daily intake. My problem is less activity. Continue reading