Great Post-divorce Living Arrangement in Singapore

I ended up at Seaside Residences in Singapore after my husband and I went through a divorce. A relationship ending is tough to go through anywhere in the world, but it feels worse here because this is a city teeming with people and finding new living accommodations can be daunting to say the least. Obviously we couldn’t get a divorce and continue living under the same roof. I could’ve taken our apartment, but didn’t want to because it would interfere with him getting to work. So I had to find a place to live in this busy city. It was tough.

A friend took pity on me and let me move in with her for a few months, but it wasn’t a permanent solution. I accidentally stumbled over my current apartment while doing extensive research online for living arrangements. Seaside Residences looked like a dream as it is located so close to so many shopping centers and restaurants. Transportation hubs are easily accessed as well. The latter was important as I didn’t own a car and needed to be able to get to work and other places quickly and easily. So I made an appointment to look at one bedroom apartments.

Seeing what they offered online was a lot different from seeing it in person. This place is fantastic. Not only does it have the above mentioned benefits, it’s got a lot of on site facilities that will make life easier. Tennis courts, a pool, a spa, and a clubhouse are all on offer. This is important because it means I can meet a lot of new people without having to roam all over the city. I don’t like hitting the bars, so having lots of meeting places here at the complex means I might find someone interested in dating and then maybe I can start moving forward with my life.